Lead Mechanical Engineer

Permanent employee, Full-time · Oman

About The Role

44.01 is seeking an experienced Senior Mechanical Engineer to join our team. As a Senior Mechanical Engineer, you will play a vital role in the design, development, and optimization of Mechanical Equipment Design, particularly in MVP (Minimal Viable Product) development. Your expertise and innovative approach will be instrumental in helping us achieve operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainable solutions.

You will work closely with the Project Development team in the planning, Design, and execution of the CO2 injection Facility. 

The role will also involve active engagement with technology partners, vendors, regulators, and stakeholders to ensure the successful integration of systems on the ground.

What You'll Do
  • Develop and oversee the design and analysis of mechanical systems, including pressure vessels, Heaters/Vaporizers, Dissolution modules, pumps, and compressors, to meet project specifications and industry standards. 
  • Work closely with contractors and vendors to review and evaluate bids, negotiate contracts, and monitor project progress, ensuring adherence to budget and schedule.
  • Collaborate with the Project Development team to understand business goals, technical requirements, and challenges related to Project development.
  • Collaborate with the R&D team to translate conceptual designs into prototypes.
  • Conduct thorough analysis and evaluation of existing mechanical Design, identifying areas for improvement and proposing innovative solutions to enhance efficiency, quality, and sustainability.
  • Provide technical guidance and expertise to the Team, and offer insights and recommendations for optimising Design, including equipment and material Selection.
  • Conduct a cost-benefit analysis to evaluate the viability and potential impact of proposed Designs.
  • Define the Project Scope of work to achieve the Project objectives.
  • Review /Develop Mechanical Engineering deliverables such as design basis, data sheets, specifications, MRs, RFQs, TBEs and Bill of Quantity.
  • Actively participate in Project Workshops (HAZID, Design Reviews, HAZOP, Plot Plan, Constructability, and other workshops).
  • Review technology partners & Engineering Consultants deliverables.
  • Develop, coordinate, and implement best practices to optimise energy consumption and lower operational carbon footprint.
  • Participate in contract reviews and provide required inputs to the Project Development Manager.
  • Implement cost-effective measures to deliver value engineering and design optimisation where applicable.
  • Ensure compliance with the company’s quality and HSE procedures.
  • Train and guide Junior mechanical engineering staff.
Who You Are
  • Strong believer in sustainability and negative emissions
  • Bachelor's or Master’s degree in mechanical engineering or a related field with 8+ years of experience in Mechanical (Static & Rotating) equipment.
  • Prior experience working as a Mechanical Engineer, particularly in EPC or Engineering Services company for designing CO2 and Water systems.
  • Experience in rotating equipment packages, e.g., compressors, Positive displacement pumps, , and Water Injection Facility is a must. Experience in Liquid CO2 pumps/Systems would be an added advantage. 
  • Demonstrated ability to analyse complex problems, Troubleshoot, think critically, and develop innovative solutions.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to effectively collaborate with external Engineering consultants, Suppliers, Contractors and 44.01 cross-functional teams.
  • Experience in product development, prototyping, and testing will be an added advantage.
  • Strong knowledge of industry Codes and standards (ASME, API, ATSM etc.) 
  • Familiarity with carbon capture and storage technologies is a plus.
  • Accredited to a registered engineering body would be a plus.
  • When needed, can work at the Site, and supervise Contractor work.
What's in it for you?
  • An opportunity to make a difference and join a high-potential start-up. 
  • A chance to be at the forefront of the fight against climate change.
  • A competitive salary and an opportunity to have a stake in the business. 
  • To be part of a team to invest in your career growth.
About us
About 44.01: 

44.01 eliminates CO2 by turning it into rock. Our pioneering technology accelerates the natural process of CO2 mineralisation, meaning we remove captured CO2 permanently. Our process is safe, scalable and durable.Our mission is to offer safe and affordable CO2 mineralisation worldwide to fight climate change. We are a purpose-driven, innovative business where every Carboneer has a direct impact in achieving our vision of driving a return to sustainable levels of atmospheric CO2.

Find out more here: www.4401.earth
Our Culture Pillar:

Continuous Learning

Fast failure, creativity and curiosity are the foundations of innovation. We are never satisfied with the status quo and are always looking for ways to do things better.


If something needs doing, we do it. We take initiative, we take risks, and we empower each other to take on complex challenges. We don’t let fear of failure stop us - the worst thing is not to try. 


Acting with honesty and transparency. Taking responsibility for our decisions and our mistakes. Never forgetting our commitment to the planet, each other and 44.01.


We can only achieve our mission by working together with trust, openness, and respect. We assume positive intent and are respectful and understanding, even in disagreement or times of difficulty. 

Calling unconventional minds to eliminate CO2 and save our climate
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